Thengai Poli/Ubittu

Whilst in Chennai, our company used to sponsor snacks, which used to be my dinner, for those staying back beyond 7pm at work. This was a real motivation for many to stay back until 7pm. One of my favorites was poli. Warm and sweet, these melt in the mouth stuffed rotis were never something that I stayed away from. I saw this recipe on Nag's blog and it reminded me of poli. I had some coconut on hand and so decided to make the poli with the coconut stuffing rather than the dal. This would also make Pras very happy as he is a keralite who loves his coconuts (wicked smile ;))

When I gave Pras the first one, he went "It tastes just like it does in the store brought ones." Well, what more would I want to hear :)

Ingredients (makes 5 polis): 

  1. 1 cup of maida - you could use whole wheat if you like
  2. 1/2 cup jaggery
  3. 1/2 cup coconut grated
  4. 2 pods of green cardomom crushed
  5. Salt a pinch
  6. 1 tbsp oil
  7. 2 tbsp ghee
  8. Water - 1/4 cup + enough to make a smooth dough
How I made it :
  1. Add the pinch of salt to the flour and make a smooth dough. Ply the dough for about 2 minutes before letting it rest for about 1 hour.
  2. In the meantime, use as little water as possible to melt the jaggery in. This can be done on the stove top with regular mixing. Cutting the jaggery into smaller pieces help this get done sooner. 
  3. Sieve this melted jaggery syrup to remove any impurities.
  4. Add the coconut to this and cook on the stove until the mixture becomes sticky and almost dry.
  5. To this add the crushed cardamom powder.
  6. Now rub some oil onto a plastic sheet. 
  7. Take a ball of dough and flatten it out in your palm, making a well in the center.
  8. Fill this with the coconut jaggery mixture. Try to put as much as possible. Don't be scared of it coming out as this will be a sticky mixture and wont ooze out or cause too much trouble when rolling out. 
  9. Pull the ends of the dough so as to enclose the coconut jaggery mixture and roll this into a thin stuffed roti. You could alternately make it like making stuffed aloo paratha.
  10. Cook on a hot tava until both sides brown. Apply ghee generously and take off the heat.

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