Carrot halwa

Off late, due to the increase in percentage being taken by the food coupon companies, many biggies in the supermarket business have stopped accepting coupons. I was very worked up when I found a bundle of coupons for 4000 rupees lying in the back of my hubby's cupboard. Yesterday, while going for a walk, I found that a small department store near my place accepts the coupons. Hence, hubby and I went on a shopping spree :) I found really good delhi carrots as well as khova. Hence, I decided to make carrot halwa.

1/2 kg carrots grated
1/2 litre milk
100g khova
1/4 cup milkmaid
3 tablespoons sugar
1 elaichi powdered/smashed
3 tablespoons ghee
Dry fruits to garnish

How to make :
1. Heat the ghee in a pressure cooker. Add the carrots. Fry the carrots for about 3 minutes. 
2. Add enough milk to cover the carrots. 
3. Pressure cook on high for 5 whistles. 
4. Once the pressure releases, add the remaining milk and keep stirring. Add the elaichi.
5. After about 8 minutes, add the milkmaid and the khova. Continue stirring. Use a glove to protect your hands from the steam while stirring.
6. This takes sometime. You will need to keep stirring to ensure that it does not stick to the bottom. Once you feel that the halwa has absorbed all the milk, add the sugar.
7. Turn off heat once sugar dissolves.

This was the first time that I tried making carrot halwa and it was truly delicious.


  1. i will try this for sure:) oncec i move to raghus place:) it was delicious jyooooo..luv ya for briinging it


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